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How to Upload an Audio File – Tutorial

Creating an audio is easy with BYOAUDIO! You can create an audio by phone, by pc microphone or upload an audio from a file.

1. Log In to your BYOAUDIO account

2. Click on the AUDIO drop down in the left side bar.

3. Click on Create New Audio

4. Choose [Record By Phone], [Audio Web Recorder] or [Upload Audio]

[Record By Phone] (click on button) and follow instructions on the page. When entering your PIN don't forget to enter the # after.

[Audio Web Recorder] (click on button) An Adobe Flash Player Settings box will pop up. Click [Allow] to enable the recording feature. Next (follow the onscreen instructions) click BEGIN (if you get a red failure notice, make sure your pc microphone is connected correctly)

[Upload Audio] (click on the button) Next click on the [Browse] button then [upload file].

Next, you can Create New Folder to organize your audio files or Create an AudioNote or Create a Playlist !

Here's a tutorial screencast on how to upload an Audio file to your BYO Audio account.  This is just one way to add audios to your account to use on call in lines, sizzle lines, podcasts and to post directly to your webpage or blog.


BYOAudio Does Video

Here is an example of our customizable video player. The button in the top right corner can reflect any link desired, and also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes!