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How to Post a BYO Audio Video to your website or blog

Video publishing is a feature included on our Personal and Professional plans. Publishing videos to your website or blog is really simple using BYO Audio.

Video can be created by Record a Video or Upload a Video .

1. Log in to your BYOAUDIO account.

2. Select Video from the left sidebar.

3. Select either Record a Video or Upload a Video

Record a Video

The next page that appears is titled: Record by PC WebCam, click Video Web Recorder. (follow instructions on page)

Upload a Video

Under the title Upload Video is a box titled Video File [Browse] click on [Browse] to upload the video file

Give your file a Title and Description

Select Audio Encoding Options and Video Encoding Options then click [Upload File]

Organize your video files by creating a new folder.

Check out our video on how to upload a video file here: