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Get Excited! BYOAudio for the iPhone!

No, you're not going crazy. We're nearing the release of many things including the iPhone App for BYOAudio. Version 1.0 will include:

  • iPhone Audio Recorder
  • iPhone Audio Uploader
  • iPhone Video Uploader
  • Post By E-Mail Functionality

Big improvements are on the horizon with BYOAudio! Let us know how excited you are by commenting!

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  1. I’m excited! Will you also be creating some way for us to make apps and put online somewhere?

    • We’ve actually been toying around with the idea of user-submitted iPhone apps, but unless I’m mistaken Apple doesn’t provide any way to deliver statistics to anyone without a developer’s license. I don’t think anyone would be too keen on the idea of shelling out money for a developers license! :P

      We’re pretty close, however, to our players being fully compatible with iPhones and iPads if that is any consolation!

  2. Yipee!

    Also, are we html5 ready yet so that your wonderful players will show up on mobile devices?

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